The project has sponsored three Festivals featuring an academic conference, mixed-raced Japanese novelists for a literary fair, musicians for a concert, comedians for a comedy night. The 2011 Hapa Japan Festival was held at UC Berkeley drawing over 1,200 participants. The 2013 Hapa Japan Festival held over five days in Los Angeles, which included the launch of an exhibit titled "Visible and Invisible: A Hapa Japanese American History," at the Japanese American National Museum drew over 4,000 participants. The 2017 Hapa Japan Festival was held at the University of Southern California and the project sponsored the national Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) Conference as a part of the festival. The 2017 event was featured in the New York Times and heralded as a festival of “love and happiness.” Beyond the Japanese experience, the project also sponsored a 14-month Sawyer Seminar Series during 2013-2014 on "Critical Mixed-Race Studies: A Transpacific Approach" funded by the Mellon Foundation. In October 2017, the project officially launched a revamped website (